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Straight into my heart

- 03/15/2017

Gabriel/Gabe and Chris
I loved this book hard, the personalities, the environment, the developing...everything was just right in this book. My heart jumped more then once.

Gabriel put away in a cabin in the woods of.....Nortown for God sake, as a witness, under police protection. This all because he witnesses a murder crime.
It's freezing and scary and he misses his cats (duhh) and home.
With the car he may use he's going to get some caramel latte and cinnamon rolls....not!!
The people in the small town are nice, gossiping along and easygoing.

The tension between Chris and Gabriel is honest, almost endearing. Gabriel feels somewhat inferior with his big body and flabby belly.....but Chris only sees Gabriel in the way he is....gorgeous and soft and warm and now damn....Chris is flirting....Gabriel thinks this can't be happening.....no way...

Still Gabriel is anxious and sad...besides Chris he is all alone...
Then from out nowhere there is a delivery package and within it are just the things he loved most...:) I could just cry for Gabriel

There is a nasty case in this story which put me on the edge...luckily it turns out in the right way...it cost my only one nail...

I could visualize the whole picture....because the way this all is written is just....ahhh.. Straight into my heart....this story had all the feelings in it!! And those two men together....*swoon*

My simple brain can't handle the fact that there are authors who can write short(er) stories which are more complete and honest and full of feelings than any other long story ever can accomplish.

Bow to Ofelia Gränd

Highly recommend (the whole Nortown serie)

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