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Bella, Child of the Universe [paperback]
Author: E Douglas
Bella, Child of the Universe [paperback]
Published: 23rd December, 2015
Length: 62200 words (262 pages) approx.

Eight-year-old Bella is finding it hard to understand why her fond, caring mother has become so hurtful to her. Whilst ten-year-old brother Peter is happy with school, football and friends, Bella feels alone and frightened, and thinks the fairies have taken away her real mother, leaving her with a 'goblin' mother instead.

When their mother is taken into hospital, Bella and Peter go to stay in Cornwall with their spinster aunt Joan, whom they've never met. Retired naval officer Joan is unfamiliar with young children and preoccupied with planning her first art exhibition.

Following the news of her mother's death, Bella runs off to look for her 'real' mother on a local hilltop and surrounds, where she meets fascinating characters - the fairy king, witches and piskies. By the time Joan realises Bella is missing, the little girl is dangerously ill and in grave danger, and Joan must put her trust in her neighbours and the local police in order to find Bella before it is too late.

This moving tale - heart-stopping at times and steeped in Cornish enchantment - takes the reader on Bella's journey, as the sensitive and loving yet resilient and determined youngster and her brother cope with tragedy and change, experience vividly the joys and excitement of childhood, and adapt to 'larger-than-life' adults.

Available as a paperback and ebook.
Price: £7.99
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