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Butterfly Days [paperback]
Author: Valerie A. Lancaster
Butterfly Days [paperback]
Published: 14th January, 2016
Length: 19,500 words (158 pages) approx.

Here is a mixture of Stories, Tales and Memories, all written in verse, together with Nature poems scattered in between. This is the 'sister-book' to 'Walking on a Rainbow'.

The fictional stories and tales cover different parts of the world and are about a mixture of peoples from past civilisations and different cultures. The memories come from times long gone while the nature poems speak of the beauty of the natural world.

This book has been put together in the hope of bringing the wonder of Nature, the joy of past Memories, the excitement of a Tale and the magic of a Story . . . alive to those who can find a quiet moment to sit and enjoy them.

I am the Spirit Within.
I am the part of you that can touch the stars
and tread the ocean, feel the silence and speak the
thought, without me - all is nought.
I am the Spirit within.

Inspirational Story and Verse from 'Just Poems'.

Available in paperback and ebook formats.
Price: £6.50
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