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In a Hedge Druid's Grove

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Author: David Bridger

Language: English

Published: 1st July, 2023

Publisher: Beaten Track

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-78645-587-1
eBook: 978-1-78645-588-8

Length: 97,600 words (approx.)

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: Memoir, Biography, Diaries and Journals, Religion and Spirituality, Mind, Body and Spirit, Solarpunk

In a Hedge Druid's Grove Cover

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About the Book:

A year in the life of an old salt who sailed the world and came home to a different place, my memories and me exploring nature and history together in the wooded valley where I have settled as a solitary-practising hedge druid.

I wrote this book for myself, obviously, and for readers who like me are:
– seekers of spiritual communion with nature, who might follow a religion, or more than one religion, or no religion at all;
– survivors of childhood sexual abuse;
– people who live with chronic illness and pain; and/or
– those interested in prehistory, archaeology, oral traditions, documented social history, genealogy, and ancestors of blood, of place, and of tradition.

While writing this memoir in the form of a personal nature journal over twelve months, I remembered myself as a boy who loved the wild land I lived upon, who, through tragedy and trauma, lost that part of myself. Settling as an old man, somewhere with a remarkably similar landscape history to that of my birthplace, I’ve found the boy again. And a lifetime later, he is helping me to become whole.

About the Author:

David Bridger settled in England’s West Country after twenty years of ocean-based mischief, during which he worked as a lifeguard, a sailor, an intelligence gatherer and an investigator. Then he got hurt, came home a bit physically broken, and for good measure caught a severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) virus in a military hospital. Now he writes science fiction and fantasy novels. Sometimes they’re informed by his experiences out on the crinkly blue. He writes what he loves for... Read More

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