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Hoping For Rain

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Author: Catherine Kerr-Phillips

Language: English

Published: 1st October, 2013

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9781909192-348

Length: 77,870 words (approx.) (14 images)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Memoir, Biography, Health, Family and Lifestyle, Literary

Hoping For Rain Cover

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About the Book:

Catherine is a fifteen year old schoolgirl who wishes she could just be that little bit more popular, and is sure that once she improves herself, everything will be brilliant, the taunts will stop, and everyone will accept her for who she is. Her new year's resolution is to lose weight, just like many of her friends. But whereas her friends tire quickly of their diets, Catherine is fuelled by self loathing and gets the results she wants - fast. She can't stop, and her diet rapidly becomes a nightmarish cycle of starving and tortuous exercise routines. As her body shuts down and begins to break, Catherine can feel her grip on life slipping away, and realise she doesn't want to die. But anorexia is an illness that doesn't like being cured, and how do you get better when you're the germ for your own disease?

About the Author:

Catherine was born in Warrington and grew up mainly in Yorkshire, also living in France as a child. As a sensitive, eccentric child, she developed anorexia aged fifteen but was determined to beat her illness. She moved abroad aged twenty and her travels and experiences inspired her short stories, film scripts and paintings. She wrote Hoping for Rain in the hope that it could help others whose lives are plagued by this terrible and poorly understood illness. It is her first novel. She is... Read More

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