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The Prayer Book Revealed: A brief illustrated history of the Book of Common Prayer

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Author: Peter S. Paine

Language: English

Published: 15th July, 2023

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978 1 78645 602 1
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 603 8

Length: 34,800 words (approx.) (137 images)

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: Religion and Spirituality, History

The Prayer Book Revealed: A brief illustrated history of the Book of Common Prayer Cover

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About the Book:

My father, the Reverend Humphrey John Paine, made a collection of Books of Common Prayer while a vicar in the Norwich diocese. Although he lectured on its history to the diocesan clergy, he never wrote up that story. The present volume seeks to address that omission. It includes many illustrations from the collection, focusing on some of those volumes of particular interest and inspiration to my father. Starting with the situation of lay spirituality before the Reformation, the story includes descriptions of the most significant moments and seeks to describe the most important changes in the contents of the BCP through its turbulent and colourful history.

About the Author:

The Reverend Peter S. Paine was brought up in the same rectory in the Norwich Diocese as his father was born in and lived as incumbent. He attended Kings College London (BD, AKC) and Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (MA). He served two curacies in Leeds (St Aidan’s) and Harrogate (St Wilfrid’s) before his appointment as Vicar of Holy Spirit Beeston Hill in south Leeds where he was married to Carol in 1979. After serving for eight years in the Seacroft Team Ministry in east Leeds, the... Read More

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