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The Spear of Destiny

Author: Paul McDermott

Language: English

Published: 21st July, 2022

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 2

ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 9781786455499
eBook ISBN: 9781786455505

Length: 49,250 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: History, Fantasy

The Spear of Destiny Cover

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About the Book:

When his vessel is sunk in Danish waters, U-boat commander Herbert Nollau must choose to follow his orders and deliver his secret cargo to the Fatherland or follow his conscience.

Alone against the combined forces of the Allies, how can he deliver the secret weapon Hitler believes will win the war for Germany?

About the Author:

Born in the Year of the Tiger, Paul has always had the feline instinct to roam. After spending most of his teaching career as an eternal supply teacher throughout Europe, Liverpool’s siren song was too strong to resist, so Paul came home and got himself a ‘proper job’ writing books. Just one dream still unfilled: to buy a horse and caravan and hide on the country lanes of Roscommon.... Read More

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