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A Liverpool Black History 1919–2019: A Liverpool Black Perspective

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Author: Dave Clay

Language: English

Published: 18th December, 2020

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978 1 78645 469 0
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 470 6

Length: 43,380 words (approx.) (205 images)

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: History, Society, Politics and Philosophy, Politics, POC

A Liverpool Black History 1919–2019: A Liverpool Black Perspective Cover

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About the Book:

“This is what’s missing on the shelves in schools, colleges, universities and people’s homes. Who better than Dave Clay, after 50 years of doing this for free, to document the people’s history, recording the hidden stories of Liverpool’s oldest black community.”
– Gloria Hyatt, MBE

“This is a history that needs to be told, now more than ever.”
– John Engwall

“This is a book that desperately needs to be published. I cannot wait to read it!”
– Josh Hamlin

“We want this book to be published. It can help us.”
– David Fletcher

My name is Dave Clay, born in Toxteth, Liverpool UK. I am the author of numerous works depicting the Liverpool Black experience.

Made possible by donations from the Liverpool Black community (via GoFundMe), Liverpool City Council, Heritage Development Company Liverpool and Unite, A Liverpool Black History brings those works together in one illustrated volume.

From the uncelebrated contributions of Black servicemen to two world wars, race riots, slavery, Windrush and exclusion to community activism and Liverpool Black achievements in politics, sport and music, this book is an emotional and educational journey through 100 years – a grassroots view of events during this period from a Liverpool Black perspective.

About the Author:

During the last forty years, and more, I have always worked in some capacity towards the development of the Liverpool Black community, both socially and politically. During this period, I have been the Chairperson of L8 Law Centre (1st) Charles Wootton Centre, LARCAA and Secretary of the Liverpool Black Organisation and Liverpool 8 Defence Committee, all the above in a voluntary capacity. I had various jobs, mostly race related, ranging from the Merseyside Community Relations Council to the... Read More

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