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Hustle and Hart (A Southern Jersey Shores YA Novella)

Author: Alexis Woods

Language: English

Published: 20th November, 2019

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback: 9781786453907
eBook: 9781786453914

Length: 19,500 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Young Adult, LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Sport

Series: Southern Jersey Shores

Hustle and Hart (A Southern Jersey Shores YA Novella) Cover

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About the Book:

Quinn Hustle’s junior year as a varsity basketball player starts as any other year…until he literally falls over the new kid. There’s everything to like about Tripp Hart, including the fact that they play for the same teams. Fast friends become best friends, but when hearts get in the way of the game, they may wind up broken. Will their friendship be enough to overrule their heads and earn them both a win?

About the Author:

Always an avid reader and colorful dreamer, it was only a matter of time before taking pen to paper, oftentimes literally. Every story I write has a song or theme, sometimes both, that emcompass them because I'm a firm believer in every song tells a story and every story has a song. I sing under my breath, tap my toes and swing my hips, much to the delight of my co-workers and friends. I freely admit that becoming a romance author is the best mid-life crisis a girl could ever have. I'm an:... Read More

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