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Pocket Guide to the Voice

Author: Ruth Royall

Language: English

Published: 29th August, 2019

Publisher: Independent

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 978 1 78645 341 9
eBook ISBN: 978 1 78645 350 1
ASIN: B07WK486C2

Length: 12,698 words (approx.) (54 images)

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: Music, Stage and Screen, Instruction and Study

Pocket Guide to the Voice Cover

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About the Book:

Pocket Guide to the Voice offers an easy and fun look at the voice, helped along by Ellie. With easy to understand exercises and digestible nuggets of anatomy and vocal function, this book will help open the door to your vocal journey.

About the Author:

Ruth Royall is a vocalist, songwriter and coach with many years’ experience working both in Studio and as a live singer. Ruth has worked and performed with artists such as Fred V & Grafix, Mo Pleasure (Earth, Wind and Fire), Kevin Mark Trail (The Streets), Adrian Crutchfield (Prince), Imaani (Incognito) and more. Ruth has written for commercial brands including Universal, YouTube Kids and Dove UK. She is also a solo recording artist and has released a number of her own singles. Ruth’s... Read More

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