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One in Between (Those Other Books #2.5)

Author: Roe Horvat

Language: English

Published: 13th July, 2019

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-78645-339-6

Length: 9,500 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: LGBT, Erotic, Short Stories, Adult, Pure Romance - M/M

Series: Those Other Books

ADVISORY: This book contains mature content and is intended for adult readers.

One in Between (Those Other Books #2.5) Cover

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About the Book:

Available on Kindle Unlimited

It’s been more than a year since Adam first stayed over in Christoffer’s home. Their home. In the safety of Christoffer’s love, Adam has gained strength and confidence. So when Christoffer’s friend Tyler crosses the line, flirting outrageously and forcing his shameless self onto them—even into Adam’s dreams—Adam can easily handle him. To Christoffer’s great amusement, Tyler’s mind gets blown.

One in Between features characters from Those Other Books. It explores the development of Adam and Christoffer’s sexual relationship.

Warning: Gay erotic short story; contains explicit scenes and sexual encounters between more than two partners. For adult readers only.

About the Author:

Queer fiction author Roe Horvat was born in the post-communist wasteland of former Czechoslovakia. Equipped with a dark sense of sarcasm, Roe traveled Europe and finally settled in Sweden. He came out as transgender in 2017 and has been fabulous since. He loves Jane Austen, Douglas Adams, bad action movies, stand-up comedy, pale ale, and daiquiri. When not hiding in the studio doing graphics, he can be found trolling cafés in Gothenburg, writing, and people-watching.... Read More

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