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Myths, Lies and Old Age

Author: Bob Eccleston

Language: English

Published: 16th May, 2019

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback: 9781786453297
eBook: 9781786453303

Length: 7,800 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Poetry

Myths, Lies and Old Age Cover

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About the Book:

Myths, Lies and Old Age: a collection of poems by Bob Eccleston.

Within these pages there are myths: some known, some newly created, some yet to occur and some which may prove to be reality.

There are vistas of old age from a viewpoint which does not preclude a future or a sense of humour; where the use of set forms indicates maturity and balance.

There are lies aplenty although different readers may have different views as to where they occur.

There is love and murder, hope and despair, tragedy and comedy; even nonsense.

There is a modicum of sex involving two amorous seals.

In short, there is variety and, hopefully, enjoyment.

About the Author:

Birmingham-born Bob moved to Southport in 2014 aged seventy. There, he rediscovered a love of poetry which had lain dormant for ten years. This was largely due to the flourishing literary and open mic scene in Merseyside. He now regards himself as a Mersey Brummie. He particularly wishes to acknowledge and thank the members of the Southport Writers' Group and the Fringe Writers and Poets for the assistance and encouragement given over the past five years.... Read More

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