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The Christmas Wrapping Paper

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Author: Julie Pryke

Language: English

Published: 18th September, 2017

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback: 978 1 78645 172 9
eBook: 978 1 78645 173 6

Length: 870 words (approx.) (14 images)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Children's Fiction, Fantasy, Holidays and Celebrations

The Christmas Wrapping Paper Cover

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About the Book:

The Christmas Wapping Paper is a delightful, dream-like adventure, particularly suitable for Christmas Eve!

Jenny loves her new Christmas wrapping paper, full of pictures of Santa, Rudolf and the elves, as well as the sleigh with lots of toys and presents. She hangs it on her bedroom wall and is surprised, when, as she peeps at it, everything seems to move!

But Rudolf has disappeared. How will Santa deliver all the presents now?

Oh, no!

About the Author:

Julie Pryke is a mum of three, and grandmother of three + 'Bump', who is due shortly (at time of writing). She has been a play group and play scheme leader, worked with youth and community groups; she was also a college lecturer. She is a 'born storyteller' and a member of Bradford Writers Circle. Close friend, Joanne Ellis Tordoff is also a mum of three, a youth worker, primary school teacher and artist. They both love reading and encouraging young readers to 'get started' and hope... Read More

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