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Class-A (HBTC Short Story)

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Author: Debbie McGowan

Language: English

Published: 1st December, 2016

Publisher: Beaten Track

ISBN: eBook: 9781786451040

Category: Fiction

Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Short Stories, New Adult, Pure Romance - M/M, Pure Romance - Contemporary, Slice of Life

Series: Hiding Behind The Couch

Class-A (HBTC Short Story) Cover

About the Book:

Published: 1st December, 2016
Length: 10100 words (50 pages) approx.

Simon is young and handsome. To the people around him, he looks like he's got it all - money, looks, a future with a wife...

All mapped out by his parents.

But Simon is gay.
And Simon is high.

And when Simon sees his fake girlfriend Jess alongside a boy called Taz, suddenly all the choices explode.

Will Simon follow his orders?
Or will he follow his heart?

* * * * *

A fully stand-alone short story - part of Hiding Behind The Couch. For readers of the series, this coincides with Ruminations.

Part of Take a Chance Anthology.

[Link to Hiding Behind The Couch suggested reading order]

About the Author:

Debbie McGowan is an award-winning author of contemporary fiction that celebrates life, love and relationships in all their diversity. Since the publication in 2004 of her debut novel, Champagne - based on a stage show co-written and co-produced with her husband - she has published a further thirty-five works (twenty novels, fifteen short stories and novellas). She is the author of two ongoing series: Hiding Behind The Couch (a literary 'soap opera' centring on the lives of nine long-term... Read More

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