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For Want of a Shoe

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Author: Deana Carroll

Language: English

Published: 2nd July, 2015

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-910635-72-8 eBook: 978-1-910635-73-5 ASIN: B010TRQZI4

Length: 60,000 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Romance and Relationships, Erotic, Contemporary Fiction, BDSM, Adult, Pure Romance - F/M, Pure Romance - BDSM

ADVISORY: This book contains mature content and is intended for adult readers.

For Want of a Shoe Cover

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About the Book:

What girl wouldn't fall for a beautiful pair of designer shoes?

Inspired by the 'The Red Shoes' by Hans Christian Andersen, this story relates how Abigail Lloyd could not resist purchasing a pair of Jimmy Choos and unwittingly kick-started a whole series of events that would change her life.

Her cosy relationship with her partner Colin French fell apart as she was drawn into an unrequited love affair with her charismatic new boss, Lester Hammond.

Loaded with sensuality

About the Author:

Deana Carroll, currently lives with her son and cat in a pretty house by the pinewoods in Formby, Merseyside. She worked as an administration officer in the Civil Service since leaving school and has written many poems and short stories for personal pleasure. She was brought up with very moral values, but discovered after her divorce in her mid-thirties, that being immoral was much more entertaining! In 2012, Deana needed to take several months off work due to a mystery illness. During... Read More

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