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Always in Motion

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Author: John Honney

Language: English

Published: 15th December, 2014

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Edition: 1

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-909192-93-5

Length: 93,000 words (approx.)

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: Memoir, Biography, Health, Family and Lifestyle, Sports, Hobbies and Games, Travel and Holiday

Always in Motion Cover

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About the Book:

John, do you remember the £200 you gave me to help build our hospital? Well it went to building the foundations over there.

I decided it was time to put 'something back' and somewhat innocently, believed that raising money for charity would be enough.

This was the start of a long and personal journey to complete the World Marathon series.

As an amputee.

About the Author:

John Honney is a seasoned traveller by heart, human rights lawyer by trade and ill-advised marathoner by choice. His first book, Always In Motion, describes an incredible and at times, personal story of a boy growing up as an amputee in London to the finishing line in his final race of the World Marathon series in New York. It's a journey that takes the reader from the impoverished back streets of Lima, through to living and working for people with disabilities in Cambodia, via Alabama's... Read More

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