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Between The Tides: A Lancashire Youth

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Author: Charles Moseley

Language: English

Published: 1st September, 2014

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Edition: 1

ISBN: 9781909192829

Length: 79,000 words (approx.) (23 images)

Category: Non-Fiction

Genre: Memoir, Biography, History

Between The Tides: A Lancashire Youth Cover

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About the Book:

This moving, thoughtful, wry book is memoir, social history, and elegy for an almost forgotten world. It looks steadily and honestly at the varied texture of that world, from gutting fish off Iceland to working on the buses, from having formal high tea with the Great Aunts to delivering meat on a bicycle, from sharp memories of a fifty-in-a-class primary school to trying for a scholarship to Cambridge University - and leaving that lost world for ever.

'A compelling memoir...fascinating.'
Clive Wilmer

'A beautifully observed portrait of a lost world...a voice that is wise, engaging, and humane.'
Dr Fred Parker

'...a tender elegy for a vanished England and a moving evocation of boyhood...'
S. J. Parris

' enthralling book about the magic of the ordinary, the author's recalling of his young life in a world so close to and so different from ours. It's wise, and funny, and sad, and beautifully written.'
Professor Helen Cooper

'Writing that matters, about what matters - the mystery of our being human.'
Nicole Jouve Ward

About the Author:

Charles Moseley grew up in Lancashire, and eventually came to teach mediaeval and Renaissance literature in the University of Cambridge. He has also travelled widely in the Polar regions. He is particularly interested in travel and shipping (especially Norse) in the middle ages and early modern period, and in the natural environment of the North, and how man has affected it. He has done expeditionary fieldwork in Spitsbergen, and is a member of the Arctic Club. He is a Fellow of the Society of... Read More

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