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How to contact us

A few years ago, our email address was used by a third party for nefarious purposes. Ever since, it hasn't worked reliably.

The hackers never give up, and anti-spam tools are constantly under attack.

In short: most genuine queries via our contact form were lost amid the spam. Thus, you'll have to deploy good ol' human ingenuity if you want to send us an email.

Some clues:

The first part is our name as it appears in the footer of this page.

Then you'll need the at symbol.

Finally, we use the email service of the web giant whose name begins with G.

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Publishing / Proofreading Submissions

In the first instance you should get in touch via one of the methods on this page, explaining which services you require. We will then outline the next steps, with instructions on how to submit your manuscript to us, if relevant.

Our Contact Details:

By Post:
Beaten Track Publishing,
11 Manor Crescent,
Lancashire. L40 7TW.
United Kingdom.

NOTE: this is a POSTAL ADDRESS ONLY. We conduct all of our business electronically.

By Phone:
+44 7958 118 982