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About Valerie A. Lancaster


Valerie Lancaster is a housewife with three children and five grandchildren. She has been married for fifty-one years to her husband Bern and they live in a small village just outside Southport in Lancashire. They both enjoy hiking together out in the countryside, through woodlands, along streams and across hillsides. In the past they have climbed all the highest peaks in England and in the Scottish Highlands, but now their walks are a little more low-level. Valerie loves Nature, with all her creatures and beautiful scenery. She started receiving inspirational poems, stories and philosophy over twenty years ago and has had eleven small 'Just Poems' books printed. However, 'Two Wings' is her first published paperback and also her first Up until 2009 Valerie and her husband coached and ran Gymnastic Clubs for children. They did this for fifty years on a totally voluntary basis and in 2006, they were both amazed to each receive an MBE for their services to youth.
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