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Website: QPR The Old Days

[Excerpt from 'QPR The Old Days']
Shortly after I joined the QPR Report message board I started putting together a few of my thoughts about the time I began supporting the Rs. Perhaps 'supporting' is not the ideal word because when it all began for me - 1939 - I was only three years old and had little idea what it was all about. My only memories are of lots of people round me shouting all sorts of strange things which, first time round, was a bit daunting.

My memories seemed to go down well on our popular forum and it was suggested that I should put them into book form. I eventually succumbed to the temptation, although mainly for my own satisfaction and that of my friends who have loyally followed the club through good and bad times (probably more of the latter than the former). I have produced this little publication largely at my own expense and I am donating all the money raised from its sale to the QPR in the Community Trust which helps provide football for children and young people with Downs Syndrome and focuses on creating progressive, vibrant hubs of sporting & social activities, leading to enhanced life experiences.
The game has changed enormously since I first started supporting QPR and this book is my way of trying to bring home to the modern generation what it was like in 'The Old Days' and at the same time support a very deserving charity.

I hope you will find it interesting and informative.

John Clifford ('Gramps')
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