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Jennifer Burkinshaw's Author Profile
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About Jennifer Burkinshaw

Just like Nirvana, Jennifer grew up in Lancashire. Also like Nirvana, she loves mountains, Christmas and border collies! The village where Nirvana met Jean-Louis is based on the one where Jennifer and her family used to own a little chalet, in Haute Savoie. There the similarities end, unfortunately.

Jennifer taught English, Drama and Classics for twenty years in several schools, including four years in Paris. She later completed an MA in Creative Writing for Children at Manchester Metropolitan University and is also an alumna of the Golden Egg Academy.

Now retired, at least from teaching, Jennifer lives with her husband in West Yorkshire but enjoys travelling to new places, particularly if they have mountains, including most recently to beautiful Romania. Igloo is her debut novel; her work-in-progress is Going West, a story for adults.
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