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Ian McGrath's Author Profile
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About Ian McGrath

Ian McGrath is a long-time poet and author of Veiled Nightmares & Ethereal Dreams, which is a unique exploration of how the spiritual and non-spiritual collide in the semi-conscious and our dreams, and how our dreams can affect us in daily life. It is his first published anthology, but hopefully not his last; Ian has over a thousand ‘finished’ poems and this is hopefully but a taste of what he can do. He hopes to follow this sombre look at some of the darker range of emotions with a more mystical and love themed anthology titled Crystal Hearts & Glass Souls. With over a decade writing and performing poetry in and around Widnes and Liverpool, Ian is a hidden gem who has only recently decided to share his work with the world. Ian is also an experienced fire and circus performer, specialising in staff and double contact staff. A drummer in high school who has switched to guitar, Ian favours a melodic style of rhyming poetry.
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