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L.E. Luttrell's Author Profile
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About L.E. Luttrell


L.E. Luttrell was born in Sydney, Australia and spent the first twenty-one years of her life there before moving to the UK. After working in publishing (in the UK) for a few years she went on to study and trained as a teacher. Since the nineties, she spent many years working in secondary education, although she’s also had numerous other part-time jobs. A frustrated architect/builder, L.E. Luttrell has spent much of her adult life moving house and wielding various tools while renovating properties.

L.E. Luttrell lives in Merseyside England, but also spends time travelling between Liverpool, Wales (UK) and Australia when there is not a COVID crisis.

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Twitter: @LLuttrellauthor
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Detective India Hargreaves (Series)