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About Literary Lancashire Award

Website: LLA Website

The Literary Lancashire Award is an annual creative writing competition for ages 16-30 in Lancashire County. We are aiming to spark your passion for creative writing, from prose to poetry.

We wanted to create an award that celebrated creative writing at our university. It was about giving young writers, like ourselves, an accessible competition to help build some accolades for the CV, with a little bit of prize money on the side. However, very early in the planning process, we realised that an opportunity like this shouldn’t just be given to an insular university community, but a wider one.

The Literary Lancashire Award is about celebrating young writers and celebrating the importance of creative writing. Lancashire is a wonderfully beautiful and diverse place, tucked away in the Northern reaches of the country. We want to see something of this inspiration and potential in the writing we receive.

At our heart, we are just a group of students wanting to give something back to the community, using the skills we’ve gained in our education to introduce young people to a creative sector we’ve learnt to love.
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