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Ruth Estevez's Author Profile
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About Ruth Estevez



Yorkshire born Ruth Estevez is a YA and Adult fiction writer.

Ruth takes inspiration from place, particularly from her native Yorkshire. Themes that link her books are identity, being the outsider and what people will do when literally living on the edge. These themes, present in Erosion, are also present in her previous novel, a tale of a real-life female smuggler Jiddy Vardy, and its sequel, Jiddy Vardy – High Tide, coming April 2021.

With a background in theatre and television, from acting and stage management to writing, Ruth has travelled to remote Yorkshire schools, top security prisons, Shakespeare’s Globe to Emmerdale. Writing credentials include scriptwriting on TV’s Bob the Builder and creating her own little books, inspired by those of the Bronte children at Haworth Parsonage.

When not writing or organising young persons’ reading and writing competitions with the historic and beautiful Portico Library in Manchester, Ruth can be found travelling to Drum and Dance Festivals in her flower-stickered camper van, Doris.

You can contact Ruth on…

Social Media
Twitter: @RuthEstevez2
Instagram: ruthestevezwriter
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