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Ruth Estevez's Author Profile
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About Ruth Estevez



Ruth Estevez was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1961. Her father, Peter John Estevez was of Spanish descent, his family coming to London to set up a Sherry importing business from the family vineyard in Jerez de la Frontera. Her mother, Gladys Parkinson, was from Yorkshire ancestry, her grandfather being one of three or four coal merchants in Bradford to still be in business after World War Two. Before the war, there had been approximately sixty coal merchants.

Recurring themes for Ruth are about belonging, finding a place in the world and what people will do when they have nothing left to lose. Her books tend to be based in Yorkshire, France and Formentera because she loves all three. Her strengths lie in place, character and dialogue. In the French tradition, plot feels secondary, but she is highly aware that the Western World loves plot, so she is working on it! But still remembering it’s the STORY that counts.

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