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Space Train [ebook]
Author: David Bridger
Space Train [ebook]
ExpectPublished: 29th August, 2019
Length: 98,600 words (approx.)

FIREFLY meets WAGON TRAIN. Space pioneers, frontier worlds, alien societies, war refugees rebuilding their lives, heroes with heart, loving relationships of many flavors, and a scarily clever ruthless enemy.

Tom is a man of color in a social system where the respectable classes are exclusively white. An interstellar freighter captain who flew refugee ships for the resistance during the galactic war, he is tormented by the memory of a terrible tragedy. Never again will he lose a ship or allow anyone to hurt passengers he?s promised to keep safe. Not ever!

Nene is a telepathic blue-skinned alien spy embedded in a tyrannical regime that looks likely to reignite the galactic war, and she is dangerously attracted to the haunted human who flies refugee families to start new lives far away.

Saxe, an elite security executive whose career was damaged when Tom escaped from his custody during the war, is driven by cold hatred and revenge. If the only way to destroy Tom is by destroying the galaxy, then that?s what he?ll do.

Space is vast, but with a hunter so ruthless and the prospect of war so close, can people of peace ever find a safe place to live?

Available as a paperback and ebook.
Price: £3.99
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