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Four in the Morning, Pavement Blues [paperback]
Author: Ian D. Hall
Four in the Morning, Pavement Blues [paperback]
Published: 4th October, 2018
Length: 5,600 words (approx.)

An anthology of poetry and prose by Ian D. Hall.

Four in the morning, pavement blues,
a single small, hurried cigar
becomes a second...

There is something beautifully seductive that lives in the shadows of the early morning. Many never see the time after the witching hour has bid its farewells with a mournful sigh or even the jubilant laugh as the public houses and restaurants close their doors, weary of yet another late-night meal cooked and extra pint soon to be spilled. It is, though, a time I enjoy: the stillness of the night, perhaps a breeze, the recognition of life in between the heartbeats of midnight and the dawn.

Four in the Morning, Pavement Blues is a recognition of time, the understanding that outside of our own lives and the deep pursuit of rest that nighttime affords, the world still carries on. Lives are being lived, the light from someone's living room still shines, a lullaby is soothing a child as its parents tackle their own questions of mortality, and on the other side of the world, it is time to play, to be merry and conscious of the evening ahead.

Four in the morning is the time I am awake; it is the best time to listen to and write the blues.

Ian D. Hall 2018

Available as a paperback and ebook.
Price: £4.99
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