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Option Four [ebook]
Author: Jon Eliot Keane
Option Four [ebook]
Published: 25th May, 2017
Length: 57,500 words (196 pages) approx.

It's 1997, and seventeen-year-old Donn Carhart wants to come out. There are four ways it could go: reject, tolerate, accept, or they'll say 'me too!'

But his parents don't like gay people, and he doesn't know any other gay kids.

After meeting Alex, an openly gay transfer student, and learning a little bit about gay history in the United States, Donn starts the Acceptance Project club at school. The club is about addressing discrimination, and it draws a lot of student members, including Thad - the most popular guy in his class, who just so happens to be Donn's crush.

After Donn comes out, a group of parents try to shut it down as a 'gay club' - a danger to their children and the community. With his family, community, and classmates pushing back on his decisions, will Donn push forward or will he opt out?

Available as a paperback and ebook.
Price: £2.99
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- 05/28/2017

Fascinating, captivating and endearing

- 05/28/2017

Option Four

It's warm outside and I'm sitting inside and can't put this story away even not to get a refreshment....I just can't...

The way of swallowed me in.....a journal, a logbook..(just don't like the word diary)

When Donn ope...

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