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- 05/15/2012

You might be wondering whether, as the editor of this book, I may actually be a little biased in its favour. Likewise, you might question whether my leadership of Beaten Track leans away from objectivity.

Well... you'd be right on both counts. However, I'm a red (of the Scouse variety), so I'm not easily enthralled by the endeavours of any team that plays in blue.

It has to be said though, this is no ordinary football book. It really is in two halves, narratively speaking: in the first, the author takes us on a traipse around the country, mostly the South-East, with the occasional northern venue thrown in for good measure (so long as it's alphabetically appropriate - I'm afraid you'll have to read it to understand that one, which means you'll have to buy it too!). Here, we find Hartman reminiscing away days of yore, recounting the excellent and hilarious antics of 'larger than life' fellow 'R', Queenie, and generally sharing with us privileged readers the lifelong trials and tribulations that go with the territory of supporting a team like QPR.

The second half takes us through the 2010-11 Championship season, culminating in QPR's promotion to the Premiership. If I'm totally honest, I wasn't looking forward to reading about this, as I wasn't especially overjoyed when this happened in real time, given I live with a couple of 'hoops' and it gets fairly raucous here when Rangers win. (So not too often at all, really. And yes - I do know they beat us, but there's always a next time.)

In spite of this, the book provides a real sense of the suspense and jubilation of that season and I was truly moved to tears by the events in Hartman's life surrounding that time, for they are told with a beauty and an honesty one doesn't expect of a 40-something football 'ooligan.*

He spins a good yarn, does our Fred, so whether you're a footy type, loyal 'R' or otherwise, I'm certain you'll enjoy It's a Game of Two Halves.

QPR? Quarter Pound of Really Good Reading!**

* For hooligan, read 'abuser of wheelie chairs'.
** Actually, it's closer to half a pound, but that wouldn't have worked at all!

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