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Fighting The Stars (Knights of the Sun Book Two)
Author: J P Walker
Fighting The Stars (Knights of the Sun Book Two)
Published: 1st December, 2016
Length: 59,600 words (220 pages) approx.

The Guardians have fought their first battle against Vulgaar and won, but at what cost?

In this sequel to Knights of the Sun, we follow the Guardians and the Draxyl rebels in their quest to vanquish darkness. Could it be that looking up into the night sky and asking for help holds the key to saving them all?

Shye is now a Knight of the Sun, sworn to protect Sol and her realm of Aureia, but he has lost Dusk - the love of his life - in the process. He has been promised her return by Vulgaar, but what price will Shye have to pay? Will he pay it? And will it bring about what he hopes for?

Veil is living her life with Pete Standon, the man she once protected and has always loved. But her happiness seems short-lived, forcing Pete to make a decision that will change both their lives forever.

Emily is a little girl who is more special than anyone could ever know. When Kin saves her from a terrible accident, it soon becomes clear he must keep her from those who would use her gifts for their own sinister gain.

Since Lash left Stormcry, she and a small band of Draxyls have been travelling aimlessly, on the run from Vulgaar and his many eyes around the world. Powerful friends come to their aid.

Are they strong enough together to defeat Vulgaar and his ever-growing army of darkness?

Available in paperback and ebook (Amazon Kindle/Kindle Unlimited) formats.

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Fighting The Stars
Price: £7.99
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