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Forbidden Broadway [ebook]
Author: Jonathan Penn
Forbidden Broadway [ebook]
Published: June 21st, 2018
Length: 35,000 words (approx.)

Second Edition

Charlie Perkins grew up in the middle of nowhere. His mom, the local Drama teacher, instilled in him a lifelong love of musical theater. He sings and dances, but he gave up his childhood dreams of performing professionally and got his nursing degree before moving to New York City to work in home health care.

Nate Sonntag is a serious businessman. He gives his all to the success of the import/export company he inherited from his father. Working all those extra hours is also a convenient way to avoid dealing with the emotional fallout of the traumatic events that placed everything in his hands.

When Nate contracts Charlie's agency to care for his elderly grandfather, he ends up getting far more than he expected. Charlie doesn't know what to expect, but he's perplexed when Nate tells him that under no circumstance is he to mention anything about the theater in his grandfather's presence. The subject of Broadway is strictly forbidden!


This is not Tolstoy; but it is a masterfully drafted story of a young man with stars in his eyes and a heart full of love, who becomes the inadvertent saviour of a badly broken and unhappy family.
- Ulysses Dietz, Prism Book Alliance

This is, at heart, a comfort/healing story, a feel-good story. With naughty bits! Includes: a wild ride on a motorcycle, one VERY particular dog, a meddlesome dance teacher, a nosy roommate, and a truly sparkling Happily Ever After!
- Dani(ela), Goodreads reader

I loved this romance! Charlie was so peppy, and all the secondary characters were fun too. The setting was great (I recently saw two plays on Broadway). Everything about this story was fun!
- Kevin E. Davis, Goodreads reader

Oh, I liked this story! The author has sprinkled great Broadway show tunes and musicals throughout as he tells the tale of Charlie and Nate. Their love story is low-angst, and they fit together like... well, like the perfect lyrics with the perfect melody.
- Crabbypatty, Gay Book Reviews

Available in paperback and ebook
Price: £2.49
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