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Elysian Wonderland
Author: Stuart Ayris
Elysian Wonderland
Published: 1st June, 2015
Length: 304 pages (77,500 words)

It has long been an established fact that to pass successfully from childhood into adulthood, all you have to do is find yourself a rabbit-hole and jump straight on in. Lewis Carrol even wrote a book about the process. A mad book but a great one.

But, of course, once you come out the other side into that adult world, it all gets a little more complicated - particularly when you begin to feel the need to have children of your own.

So, Matthew and Angelina James, I hear you're feeling the need? Well you'd best get in that old VW Campervan and head on over to Elysian Wonderland, enter that ancient forest and groove on down into adventureville.

Oh, and best you discover just what Purple Alice is all about. For you both saw her when you were children, both watched on as she, well, anyway. Just because you don't remember, it doesn't mean it didn't happen - right, Alice?

If you go down to the woods today...

Elysian Wonderland is a novel of curiosity, despair, courage, love and, of course, wonder.

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Price: £8.99
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