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The Magical Tragical Life Of Edward Jarvis Huggins
Author: Stuart Ayris
The Magical Tragical Life Of Edward Jarvis Huggins
Published 18th June, 2014
262 pages

Hello, the moon and the stars...

Edward Jarvis Huggins is a ten year old boy brought up in a shack in eighteenth century England, his father an alcoholic, his mother dead.

Fleeing their father, Edward and his sister find themselves in Kent, on a farm peopled by other restless souls who have arrived at that same place over the previous ten years for reasons unknown to them.

Edward is convinced that he is the re-incarnation of Jesus, the returning Messiah, the son of God. Could it be that he really has been sent to earth to save mankind or is he just a troubled little boy who talks to the moon and the stars?

The Magical Tragical Life of Edward Jarvis Huggins is a novel of courage, humour, cricket and destiny.

* * * * *

Stuart's books have a magical feel to them. He breaks all the rules and doesn't care. If he wants to slip in a poem, he does it, if he wants to morph two words together for poetic effect then he does and it WORKS. - Darren Sant, Author

I can't believe I would have gone through life never knowing Stuart Ayris' work. It's as incomprehensible to me as never reading Bronte, D.H. Lawrence or George Orwell. Ayris isn't 'like' these authors but his influence on my life is every bit as profound. - indie e-book review
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