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Colony [ebook]
Author: Ian D. Hall
Colony [ebook]
Published: 2nd June 2023
Length: 84,000 words

A decade has passed since the events that took the lives of many in Downmere, a small village in the heart of the New Forest. Those who survived have tried to forget what lurked in the cracks, in the fissures of the walls and in dark burrows beneath the ground - the calculating minds in search of food.

But Bela never forgot.

When it comes to her attention that the creatures have resurfaced, she must once more take up the fight to make locals and authorities alike heed her warning.

As it was ten years ago in Downmere, the people of Avoncross go about their business as usual, unaware of the danger marching towards them.

No longer content to remain Underneath, the creatures emerge into the light of day, their single-minded objective clear: a new food source, a new home.

Avoncross is where they will gather, for this is now their Colony.

Available as a paperback and ebook.
Price: £3.99
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