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Help with eBooks

eBooks come in a variety of formats - the ones we stock are detailed below.

When choosing a book to download, you will need to make sure that you have selected the correct format for your requirements. In short:
  • ePub is best for reading on Android, Blackberry or iOS devices - can also be read on desktop / notebook computers;
  • Mobi is best for reading on the Kindle and Kindle app;
  • PDF is best for reading on your desktop/notebook computer if you can't/don't want to install eReader software.


ePub format is generally seen as the 'industry standard' in ebooks and can be viewed on most devices with the correct app / software installed, including:

  • Android phones and tablets with an ereader app installed - FBReader, Cool Reader and Aldiko are all free from the Market;
  • iPhones and iPads using iBooks (a derivative of the ePub format is used for books downloaded via the iBooks store);
  • Barnes and Noble Nook eReader/Nook app (available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Mac and Windows);
  • Laptop/Desktop computer, using software such as Calibre or Adobe Digital Editions.


Mobi (or Mobipocket) format is an 'open format', which can be read on many devices, including the Kindle.

If you want to read any ebooks purchased from us on your Kindle, we recommend that you check the publications page on our main site to see if the book is available via Amazon as a Kindle edition. This means it will sync easily across all of your Kindle devices / apps.
If it is not available via Amazon / is too costly, then download the mobi version via our store - instructions on how to add the ebook to your Kindle / Kindle app are provided below.

Read on Kindle

You will need to do the following:

  1. Select the 'mobi' version when purchasing your ebook.
  2. Once you have purchased and downloaded the file, transfer the file by one of the following methods:
    • Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cable and drag the mobi file from your computer into the 'Documents' folder on your Kindle.
    • Find you Kindle's email address (on your 'Manage Kindle' page on Amazon, or within the device settings on your Kindle. Add your own email address (not the Kindle email address) to the list on your 'Manage Kindle' page, then email the mobi file to your Kindle email address.
If you would like further assistance with this, please Contact Us.