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10th December, 2012

Elle Zober is the scorned and slightly bitter mother-of-two who, after finding out about her ex-husband's...
10th December, 2012

Five original, one act plays, written specifically for a small cast of girls - ideal for high school...
15th November, 2012

Published: November 15th, 2012 - ebook re-edited October, 2015 Length: 96,000 words (340 pages)...
15th November, 2012

This paperback edition combines Tom's best-selling Secret Guide, with fifty of his award winning essays...
9th November, 2012

Lionel Glitzy's debut publication detailing a singing career spanning months of nerve jangling, figgy roll...
1st September, 2012

First published 30th September 2012. Length: 122,000 words (434 pages)approx. Raw, graphic, candid...