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Cop Matt Proctor, investigating a gruesome murder, is charged with drug dealing corruption and kicked out of the police. He fights to clear his name while hunting down a...
'A taut,pacy thriller'. Bomb disposal expert Greg Stevens' past returns to haunt him when he is blackmailed into investigating powerful Mafioso oligarch Bogdan Katchenko in Kiev...
Talan is a homeless boy who lives by his speed and wits, but what he wants more than anything is to get into the City of Glass. Beautiful and tantalizing, it beckons to his...
When a freak storm engulfs a flourmill, the workers learn quickly that there is much more to fear than just heavy rain. Something else arrives with the storm –macabre creatures...
The Immortal Musings of Bard Constantine is the collection of poems that capture the mind of the sempiternal, the ageless consciousness that holds the answers but lacks the...
"A love story. No it's not like any other love: this one is different as it's not boy meets girl, or boy meets boy, or girl meets girl, or indeed any other permutation of...