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25th June, 2015

Published: 25th June, 2015 Length: 57,000 words (198 pages) I am a North American Lakota Indian and live...
28th September, 2015

Published: 28th September, 2015 310 pages pages (77,000 words) (approx) Mistakes were made, that's for...
8th July, 2015

Published: 8th July, 2015 Length: 70,500 words (294 pages approx) For many in war-torn 1944, love...
21st June, 2015

Published: 21st June, 2015 Length: 160000 words (560 pages) (approx) Beaten Track authors present...
15th June, 2015

Published: 15th June, 2015 Length: 66,000 words (238 pages) approx. Abandoned to freeze to death in a...
21st June, 2015

Published: June 21st, 2015 Length: 12,400 words, 40 pages (approx.) Paul and Asher have been together...