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Paperback available for pre-order - 8th April 2013. First Digital Printing: Bold Strokes Books, Inc. October, 2012 You've seen them, for they exist in every city in the...
This paperback edition combines Tom's best-selling Secret Guide, with fifty of his award winning essays originally penned for the Ithaca Times. 5 Stars- Hilarious...
Lionel Glitzy's debut publication detailing a singing career spanning months of nerve jangling, figgy roll eating lows and soul lifting, roundhouse kicking highs. Follow his...
"Not the typical murder scene: no dark, rainy street, with concealed doorways and nooks where dangers lurk, imagined or real. Not even a place devoid of other people, who might...
When terrorists threaten the U.S. power grid, it's time to send in Richard Paladin, America's top Environmental Protection Agent. At least, that's how Paladin's new boss, Frank...
Five original, one act plays, written specifically for a small cast of boys - ideal for high school performance / exam work. Includes synopses, character outlines and staging...