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Spiced Moon

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Author: Simon L. Read

Language: English

Published: 23rd May, 2012

Publisher: CreateSpace (Self); Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: 978-1466205666 / 1477520201

Length: 24,829 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Humour, Poetry, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Experimental / Surreal, Short Stories

Spiced Moon Cover

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About the Book:

When a city becomes infested with gargoyles, the citizens must learn to live with the creatures; Mr. Apricot fights to protect his prized beasts; a family must find a way to split their father's inheritance; Bob sets out on an adventure to discover a magical lobster; a party boat ventures into international waters - with spicy consequences. With the short stories and poems that make up Saucy Maneuvers, Read, once again explores the limitless possibilities of fiction.

About the Author:

Simon L. Read is an author/poet from Cardiff, Wales. He published his first collection of short stories and poems in August, 2011; with a follow up ten months later. In early 2013, Simon released his first novella: the highly surreal, Beetroot Lemon. He is currently working on a poetry chapbook and several other literary projects.... Read More

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