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Cotabato Girl: Filipina Lisa's Story

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Author: J. S. Raynor

Language: English

Published: 15th December, 2022

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 2, revised

ISBN: Paperback ISBN: 9781786455680
eBook ISBN: 9781786455697

Length: 83,700 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, History, General Fiction

Cotabato Girl: Filipina Lisa's Story Cover

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About the Book:

In the land of Ferdinand Marcos, you quickly learn to be tough.

Born the eighth and youngest child of a family on the Philippine breadline, Lisa Tiguelo has inherited her grandmother’s remarkable beauty and possesses an intelligence beyond her years.

Living under the hateful shadow of Marcos’ regime, Lisa knows from an early age she must meet the future head on but also take revenge for the past, for the sake of her family and herself.

But the price will be high, higher than anyone can imagine.

This is a revised edition of A Comfortable Death, published in 2005.

About the Author:

John Stephen Raynor, born in 1944 in Oldham, Lancashire, was diagnosed with a serious progressive eye condition, retinitis pigmentosa. At fifteen, he began working in architecture, eventually becoming a self-employed software developer and marrying his first wife in 1967. Sadly, the long hours building up his business took their toll, and the couple separated in 1989. It was in the Philippines he found his soul mate, whom he married in 1993. Her experiences are the inspiration for much of... Read More

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