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Literary Lancashire Award Anthology 2020

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Author: Literary Lancashire Award

Language: English

Published: 15th August, 2020

Publisher: Beaten Track

Edition: 1

ISBN: Paperback: 978 1 78645 448 5
Hardcover: 978 1 78645 458 4
eBook: 978 1 78645 449 2

Length: 18,750 words (approx.) (2 images)

Category: Fiction

Genre: Poetry, Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction, Literary, Anthologies

Series: Anthologies

Literary Lancashire Award Anthology 2020 Cover

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About the Book:

The Literary Lancashire Award is proud to present its 2020 anthology of shortlisted entries. Packed with magnificent and unique short fiction and poetry, this volume celebrates the work of some of the most promising young authors in the county.

Sit back and enjoy the wonderful work of Ellen Darbyshire, Nicola Hester, Jana Craddock, Daisy Brown, Khatijah Balu, Abbey Bamford and many, many more!


‘Eggshells’ by Ellen Darbyshire
‘The Moth’ by Jana Craddock
‘The Speed of Light’ by Khatijah Balu
‘Xin’ by Alexander Hunterlarr
‘Gabriel’ by Hannah Wesson
‘There is Nothing New Under this Sun’ by Nicole Lee
‘View with Room’ by Nicola Hester
‘The Right Honourable’ by Dominic Andrew
‘The History of the Anaesthetist’ by Millie Holden
‘Absinthe Friday’ by Iestyn Jones

‘Days Long Lost’ by Nicola Hester
‘Pooh Sticks’ by Daisy Brown
‘The Reaping’ by Abbey Bamford
‘Light Bulbs’ by Matthew Page
‘Copper Memories’ by Milly Harrison
‘Since Error’ by Martin Palmer
‘The Keeper of Time’ by Charlotte Lloyd
‘Aftermath’ by Rachana Hegde
‘Pterodactyl God’ by Sam Allport
‘Lifeboat’ by Charlotte Armitage

About the Author:

The Literary Lancashire Award is an annual creative writing competition for ages 16-30 in Lancashire County. We are aiming to spark your passion for creative writing, from prose to poetry. We wanted to create an award that celebrated creative writing at our university. It was about giving young writers, like ourselves, an accessible competition to help build some accolades for the CV, with a little bit of prize money on the side. However, very early in the planning process, we realised that... Read More

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