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Ribbons and Frills

Author: Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Language: English

Published: 21st June, 2015

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-910635-46-9 ASIN: B0103HVHNI

Category: Fiction

Genre: LGBT, Humour, Romance and Relationships, Erotic, Short Stories, Holidays and Celebrations, Pure Romance - M/M, Pure Romance - Contemporary

Ribbons and Frills Cover

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About the Book:

Ribbons and Frills costume sewing factory has always been about creating dreams, but when the owner asks his very upper-class son to take over, sparks fly, and not just from the sewing machines. The last time manager Gary Shaw saw Ashley Turner-Hoff was a year ago, when he left Gary standing on the beach with a broken heart and sand in his underwear.

Ashley Turner-Hoff has a plan to save the factory which involves one famous mannequin and a fashion show in London.

Can Gary forgive Ashley and give him a second chance? Can Ribbons and Frills really compete against top fashion designers, and do Gary's dreams of being on stage finally come true?
Find out in this summer story of sequins, sand, and surprises!

Part of "Summer Bigger Than Others - A Summer Anthology" from Beaten Track Publishing.

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