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Eight Inches to make Johnny Smile

Author: Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Language: English

Published: 1st February, 2015

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Edition: 1

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-910635-28-5 ASIN: B00SNBQGYC

Length: 10,500 words (approx.)

Category: Fiction

Genre: LGBT, Romance and Relationships, Short Stories, Contemporary Fiction, Adult, Holidays and Celebrations, Pure Romance - M/M, Pure Romance - Contemporary

ADVISORY: This book contains mature content and is intended for adult readers.

Eight Inches to make Johnny Smile Cover

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About the Book:

Currently Unavailable

New job, new flat, new man?

Shy Mat finally gets a chance to break free from his parents and strike out on his own. But joining the local diet club, Weight Fighters, and hopping on the scales takes everything he has; does he have enough left in him to stick to his diet and act on his feelings for gorgeous Johnny who runs the group?

Flirty Johnny has staying power as far as diets are concerned, and all he wants is to win the Valentine's Challenge. But meeting Mat changes everything. Can Johnny find the staying power to battle his own demons and get what he realises he really wants - to win Mat's heart?

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