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About Alexander M Zoltai
Just a bit of detail from my unpublished memoir: "The best way to indicate the pervasive affect my early conditioning had is to formally introduce myself-Alexander M Zoltai, a man with a nature that has always had problems with the way things are done in the social realm, including daily conversations, parties, groups, organizations, political systems, and governments. To be fair, I've spoken with many rational and caring individuals; been to a few parties that were much more celebrations than escapes; participated in one or two groups that had honorable agendas; been acquainted with a couple organizations that included humanity in their policies; known of no political system that lives up to its promises; and, quivered at the aims and practices of any government you can name. The fact that I've had to struggle with social interchange and consider it a part of my basic nature isn't because of any inherent flaw in my personality; it speaks to the malformation of the structure of the culture, and how that warped my young ego and nearly smothered the Real me. And note well, all this was set in place and operative by the age of six. Then, there's the fact that my parents didn't understand me so they couldn't really help me adapt to society. I think they suspected I wasn't even a "normal" human being..."

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