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David Bridger's Author Profile
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About David Bridger

David Bridger settled in England’s West Country after twenty years of ocean-based mischief, during which he worked as a lifeguard, a sailor, an intelligence gatherer and an investigator.

Then he got hurt, came home a bit physically broken, and for good measure caught a severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) virus in a military hospital.

Now he writes science fiction and fantasy novels. Sometimes they’re informed by his experiences out on the crinkly blue.

He writes what he loves for readers who love what he writes.

He is a Quakerish, ecosocialist, witchy hedge druid, a spoonie, a friend of crows, rescuer of dogs, and adopter of donkeys, a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter, a lover of blues and jazz, a browncoat, and a Whovian of the 9 and 10 era (starting with Rose and ending with Donna).
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