Beaten Track Publishing
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About Beaten Track Publishing

Beaten Track is an independent publisher of diverse fiction and non-fiction. We operate on socialist principles and believe in equality, absolutely.

  • We are not affiliated to any of the large publishing houses.
  • All our authors retain full rights and royalties (usually 50% of net profit).
  • We are NOT a vanity publisher.

To find out more about publishing with us, see our Information for Authors and Resellers page.

We also provide, via InRoad Publishing, services to independent authors to assist with the self-publishing process.


Publications listed on our site are predominantly published by us on behalf of independent authors, although we may also list publications from other likeminded publishers, respected fellow authors and authors' consortia.

Beaten Track Publishing is a participant in both the Amazon EU Associates Programme and Amazon USA Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and respectively.

Why Beaten Track?

The first interpretation of this question leads to an explanation for the choice of name. Quite simply, we've all traversed the beaten track of authorship until our shoes are worn and our legs ache. Independent publishing is freedom from that treadmill and from the control exerted by traditional publishers. That said, we owe it to ourselves to ensure the work we 'put out there' is the very best it can be. This is where Beaten Track can help.

To take the question the other way, why not? If we publish your work, you keep all of your rights. There are no tie-ins for sequels, nor options on things that sound great but may never happen. Whether you're published by us or using our paid-for pre-publication services, you can be confident you and your work will be cared for and treated with respect.

Who / What is Beaten Track Publishing?

The company is owned and managed by Debbie McGowan, an independent author by choice, who has experienced both success and rejection at the hands of publishers. In all cases, her hard work didn't pay off financially, and she believes strongly that none of us should surrender our creative freedom in order to attain a publishing deal.

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